How It Works

1. Sign up to start receiving deliveries of Doorganics to your home, office or tree house, on a weekly or every other week basis. 

2. You will receive an instant online account to set preferences and shop online! After that, you'll automatically be charged on the day of your delivery. 

3. Now get excited! We will post the menu on Thursday morning the week before your delivery so you can plan for grocery shopping and meals for the week ahead. Don't forget to shop in our online store! You can customize your order between Thursday morning and Saturday at noon. 

4. On your delivery day...Please remember to provide us with your special delivery instructions, otherwise, expect Doorganics-deliciousness ready to greet you on your doorstep!  

5. Don't forget to leave your empty bin outside the morning of your next delivery date. It's very important that we pick up your empty bins. This is a big expense to our small business. We understand that everyone forgets once in awhile. Just do your best! 

6. Going on vacation? Need to take a break? Whatever the reason, if you need to cancel a delivery, just log in to your account and update your schedule.   Please provide as much notice as possible.  This helps us order the right amount of food from our farmers!  Schedules can be managed up to 90 days in the future by using your online schedule.

7. Enjoy! Feel good knowing you are feeding your body & your family the very best! 

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