Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the service cost?

We have three different size produce bins.  If you have additional family members, and need a larger order, please contact us at 888-387-1187.  

How much do you charge for delivery?

Delivery is included in our pricing.  It's a value added service that we are happy to provide!

What are my payment options?

During the sign up process, our system will ask for a credit/debit card.  Your card will be charged on the day of each delivery.

What do i do with my delivery bin/boxes/bags?

Just put packing materials outside on your next scheduled delivery day, and we will trade you for a new one!  Please try your hardest to remember each week.  Please also remember for West Michigan customers, we require the plastic bin be returned if you decide to stop Doorganics service.  Our driver will stop and pick it up and we will email you in advance. Replacement cost of unreturned bins are $25 each.

What if weekly delivery is too frequent, do you offer other options?

We sure do!  We can deliver every other week if that is more convenient.  Unfortunately, we can't do single deliveries at this time.  We require a sign up for recurring "weekly" or "every other week" deliveries.  You have control of your delivery schedule for 90 days in the future if you wish to create a unique schedule There are no long term commitments.  You can cancel anytime.  

Do I need to be home to accept my delivery?

You do not need to be at home when your order arrives. We recommend that you specify where you want your bin to be placed by updating your delivery instructions.  You can always call us at 888-387-1187. If you live in an apartment community or condo, make sure you give any necessary details for our drivers to get your bin to the right spot. It is better to have your order delivered to a spot that is out of sight, under cover, and not in direct sunlight. We offer both morning and afternoon delivery options to most areas.

How will my delivery remain fresh?

Doorganics invested a lot of time into testing our packaging and cooling system (when necessary).  Our bins have a lid that will trap in the cool air from the ice packs.  We will be doing our deliveries on your choice of either morning or afternoon routes in hopes that the produce won't be on your porch for too long.  We will do our best to place the bin in a shady spot when delivering it. 

Do you deliver to my part of town?

If not now, we will soon! Enter your zipcode on the homepage to findo ut.  We are looking to expand further.  Doorganics is  focusing on the areas with the highest concentration of customers.  If you sign up, and we can't deliver to your area immediately, we'll contact you with details.  We may just need a few of your neighbors to sign up with Doorganics as well.  We can always be reached at 888-387-1187 if you have more questions. 

Is your produce organic? 

We deliver "Certified Organic" or "local and chemical free."  At a minimum, all of our local producers practice sustainable farming.  No chemical fertilizers and no pesticides.  Some of our smaller local farmers don't have the time, or want to deal with the costs of obtaining the formal certification.  Information about the growing practices of our local farmers can be obtained from Customer Service at 888-387-1187 or from the farm directly.  

What if I am not satisfied with the products?  What is your return policy?

It's our policy to refund or credit for any unsatisfactory items.  If you find the produce in your delivery to be expired, or if it's in bad condition, simply send us an email or call us at 888.387.1187 to receive a credit to your account or full refund.  Please let us know within two days of unpacking your delivery if you find an item that doesn't meet your grocery shopping standards. Your satisfaction is our top priority.  


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