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Hey There! We're Doorganics. We deliver bins full of organic groceries, and we're on a mission!  We want everyone to have easy and affordable access to REAL food.

Now Accepting Thanksgiving Turkey Pre-Orders!

Hurry! Pre-order deadline is NOVEMBER 12th at 1pm to pre-oder your Thanksgiving turkey! Supply is limited. Please reserve your turkey early!

Doorganics is proud to deliver pasture raised turkeys for Thanksgiving! Duerksen raises White Broad Breasted turkeys on wide open pasture where they are free to roam and feed on grass and insects.

How It Works

Sign Up.

Create your account here and choose your delivery size and schedule. You can choose a mixed produce box, all fruit, or all veggies. We offer 3 different sizes. You are in complete control of your delivery schedule and there are absolutely NO commitments!

The Menu.

The Thursday before your delivery we'll send out an email letting you know that your customized menu has been created based on what's fresh, delicious, local, or in-season. This is your chance to login and swap out the items you might not care for. Don't forget to shop for local baked goods, meat, farm eggs, and more!

It's Delivered.

Sit back and relax. We bring the farmers market to your front door! We'll follow your delivery instructions to make sure your box arrives safe & sound.

Ready to eat local & organic?

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Small All Veggie . . $29.99

  See Menu

All vegetables in this box!

Small Produce Bin . . $29.99

  See Menu

The perfect size for a vegetarian, or couples who like to cook a few times a week.  There is enough produce for 3-4 meals, along with some fruit for healthy snacking.

Small All Fruit Produce Bin . . $29.99

  See Menu

All fruit in this small produce bin!

Medium Produce Bin . . $39.99

  See Menu

Great for a small family or a couple who loves to cook. Enough veggies for 4 to 5 meals plus fruit to snack on all week. Parents love this size because it provides healthy organic snacks for the kids to munch on all week!

Large Produce Bin . . $49.99

  See Menu

This is for people who are passionate about healthy eating and make a point of cooking at home as much as possible.  The Large box is our premium offering and often includes special items that aren't available in the small and medium boxes.  Businesses love the large fruit box so they can provide healthy snacks for employees throughout the week.

Medium All Fruit Produce Bin . . $39.99

  See Menu

Our medium all fruit produce bin!

Office Fruit Bin . . $39.99

  See Menu

The Office Fruit Bin will set your work environment for easy, healthy, and delicious snacking. Keep your energy up with organic fruits that will keep you sharp!

Local Bin . . $34.99

  See Menu

Do you love supporting local organic farmers? This is the box for you! Every standard item is locally grown from an organic West Michigan farm. If there is an item you don't like you can easily substitute. Thanks for supporting our hard working local farm partners. This local bin will be primarily and probably 100% veggies.

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How does the service work?

Simply. We dreamed up the perfect way to get organic produce. Pick the size and type of box you want, and we'll send you an email the Thursday before your delivery. Then you can log in and make subs!

Is there any commitment?

Absolutely not! We're not a cell phone company. You can come and go as you please, set vacations, cancel, start back up, all at your own discretion.  We kindly request one week notice on cancellations and vacation holds.  This helps us keep costs down!You have total control. No sign up fees, no cancel fees, just delicious produce!

Don't Worry, be Happy!

We strive to make you happy. We do this by allowing our customers to customize their weekly or bi-weekly order. Not a fan of everything in the box this week? That's ok! You can substitute out something you don't like for something you do.

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